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  1. Paper machine, printing machine, packaging machine, mold cutting machine, binding machine, adhesive machine, this is the most basic
    If more exquisite, also to mount paper machine, color printer, etc.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! It takes 1 to open a packaging box processing plant. Beer machine, 930*660, 10,000 or 20,000 in second -hand, new 30,000. More than 40,000 newly opened, 780,000 are expensive, and more than 100,000 are available. There are also automatic one or two million. Question 2. Mounting machine, manual thousands of pieces, more than 100,000 domestic machines ask questions 3. Boxing machine, about 5,000. Question 4. The adhesive box machine, about 50,000, can also be artificially adhesive. The question is whether the color noodles are seal or external processing. Printing machines by themselves are generally used as color boxes, which are generally used in imports, about 56 million, and recurrence machines. Answer, so, you better look at your own business structure. Find an experienced master to suggest you. To be honest, 500,000 can start, but the specifications are relatively small. Strong work, I wish you success! Intersection Intersection

  3. Ink printing slot machine is responsible for printing, as well as basic processing. It is divided into manual ink print slot machines and semi -automatic ink printing slot machines.

    Carm machine.
    moder: producing alien cartons, essential equipment for color printing.
    The paper pressure wire: Reform the cardboard, cut the cardboard, and can process the smaller paper.
    This knife machine: Reconciliation of cardboard, cutting cardboard, not suitable for too small paper, but the paper effect is better.
    three -purpose machine: also called slot machine, processing small carton boxes.
    It other auxiliary equipment paper delivery machines, bundle machines, packaging machines, etc.
    The device required for extended data is a paper machine, a printing slot machine, and a binding machine. The funds depends on what equipment you buy, the new one is old. Generally speaking, the device requires a million funds to be bought.
    It carton factory is large and small, just take the large carton factory equipment: the large carton equipment has a corrugated cardboard production line of tens of millions. Millions of millions. A medium -sized carton factory needs about 4 production equipment and some senior operating technicians, and some small carton factories can produce carton as long as a nail box machine, so the carton factory is not easy to do.
    If as an ordinary carton, then some equipment is needed. A corrugated cardboard is produced and printed, and a nail box is enough. The carton packaging equipment is a carton molding machine and the unpacking machine refers to automatically completing the box, forming, and folding leaves. At present, the lower part of the tape is pasted, and the box stacked into a cardboard is opened. The bottom of the box is discounted according to a certain program, and the dedicated equipment for the packing machine is sealing it with a tape.
    Reference information Source: Baidu know-those production equipment requires those production equipment

  4. The most basic equipment of the carton factory is: a paper compression machine, a printing machine, a slot machine, a nail box (a paste box machine). These four equipment are the most basic and most needed equipment. Among them, the paper pressing machine is divided into ordinary paper pressing machines and thin knife split paper pressing machines. The printing machine is divided into chain slot machine, anterior edge inhalation printing, monochrome, two -color and three -color four -color printing. Slotors are divided into ordinary and rotating types, manually sending paper and automatic paper. There are two types of nailing machines: manual paper and automatic paper. Corresponding to the fired machine. If you use the kind of nail in the lake, you will use a fired machine. Customers can choose customized products according to specific conditions. However, for friends who have just opened a factory, they are not invested, and they are recommended to choose common sets of equipment first. After developing to a certain scale, you can consider increasing automation equipment. So what is the workflow from a cardboard to a complete carton, and what is the role of each equipment? First, the cardboard passes through the paper compressor. As the name implies, a large cardboard is to divide a large cardboard into the size specifications required by making a carton, and at the same time, it has the pressure line function. Secondly, the printing machine prints the text and patterns that customers want. Go to the slot again. By slotting, the cardboard can be folded into the bottom and lid of the box. Finally, the nail box machine or a paste. This process is to surround the cardboard and nail into a complete carton. These four devices are the most basic. In addition, there are other auxiliary devices, such as code pushing machines, automatic binding machines, oscillation machines, mold cutting machines, etc., which can be purchased according to their own needs.

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