3 thoughts on “How about Diamond Valley Diamond, okay?”

  1. In fact, as long as you master the practical knowledge of selecting bare diamonds, the brand is not so important.
    It you only need to understand the four parameters of the size of the naked diamond, cutting, color, and clarity.
    The size is how big you want to buy. Most people like 50 points and 1 carat, but usually such diamonds are much more expensive than diamonds close to it. If you want to cost the ratio More than 90 points, it looks almost big and cheaper.
    The ones are selected or more. If the money is enough, it is best to buy 3EX perfect cuts to keep your diamond ring.
    The ones are more than H. It looks white. It is not recommended to buy below H, which is yellowish.
    This above VS, you can't see the flaws with the naked eye.
    The certificate, whether it is entity or the best online GIA, the international certificate is the most authoritative.
    The knowledge is enough for you to choose a perfect drill.
    On good luck

  2. You never know how unscrupulous the unscrupulous merchants are. Look at the evaluation of diamond ring. Many customers do n’t know if they do n’t test it. They are still beautiful in their hearts. clear

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