3 thoughts on “What should I get to get married?”

  1. 1. Packaging
    First of all, I think people all like to be simple and generous, elegant and beautiful, and the value is justice. Therefore, new people can spend some "beautiful" thoughts on the gift box of wedding gifts.

    2, content
    It on the content of the souvenirs, I suggest that the richer the type, the more meaningful. Just as "the sparrows are small and the internal organs", the quasi -newcomer's small group gift box is full of surprises.

    3, the snacks made by yourself
    For example, sharing the meaningful cake, hand -hand -handed cookies with newcomers, or sweet handmade nougat, or chocolate worthy of aftertaste, wedding It is fun to give this joy to the guests and share this joy with friends and relatives.

    4, the exquisite daily necessities of fragrant fragrance
    The new people can put perfumes, aromatherapy, handmade soap, sandalwood, essential oil. Or hand cream, nail polish, lipstick, plus a black chocolate number with a memorable number. For relatives and friends, whether they smell or eat, they can still feel the sweetness and care of the newcomers. However, it is recommended that this gift box to send girlfriends group

  2. Claid's angel starts with the beginning of the wedding of the wine, two flavors of white grapes/peaches, not drunk, knocking beautifully when you are slightly dazzling. The packaging is exquisite, the girl is full of sense, the facialness is good, and it is suitable for a good wine that puts in the gift. Friends can meet it, and insomnia at night is indispensable, as a gift! Pick TA gives you a bit sweet ~

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer candy or chocolate. This is a relatively common kind of gift. Candy and chocolate indicate love sweetness and life. However, some people think that this is too ordinary, so they do not necessarily choose this as a gift. Skin care box. If you want to make a special special, you can send skin care boxes to some female friends, such as packaging lipstick, perfume or hand cream to female friends. Snack gift box. Of course, you can also prepare some snacks, such as bringing childhood funny gift boxes, let the big guys remember the beautiful past, and remember the water flowing. This gift is also very good. wine. If the conditions in your home are relatively rich, it is also good to consider using red wine as a handful giftnIf my answer is helpful to you, please give a praise (evaluate in the lower left corner), look forward to your praise, your hand -raising work is important to me, and your support is also the motivation for my progress. If you think my answer is satisfactory, you can click on my avatar one -on -one consultation. Finally, I wish you good health and a happy mood again!

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