How can couples have perfect sex? What are the side effects of using condoms?

How can couples have perfect sex? Ordinary sex has no overlap of mind and body, and is only about satisfying the physical desires of the body, which considerably reduces the sexual satisfaction of the couple. ​Then how can this couple have perfect sex? Let custom sex doll tell you.

How can couples have perfect sex?

1. Let yourself enter the world of sexual fantasy.​

Our sexual fantasies are not only designed to make us more engaged in sex, but also to make us more crazy and excited during sex. For example, fantasizing about exposing your body might mean you want to attract attention. If sexual fantasies control others, it may mean that you desire to dominate your life. Can you charm him by reading your sexual fantasies and sending them to him and reminding yourself what you want?

2. Sex is more exciting in the morning

​Perhaps most couples consistently have sex at a set time, so move it to the morning. Experts say that having sex in a rut can make it formulaic and dull. If the last time you helped him masturbate was simply to cope with bedtime sex or find yourself continuously complaining about the lack of variety in your sex life, then you should fall into this situation.

In fact, the best time to have sex is in the morning because your hormones and testosterone levels peak before 9am, so why wake up your brain with coffee in the morning? Sex is sufficient to lift your spirits.

3. Make the most of your gas.​

Research shows that men work harder when they hear a woman call for sex and their bodies immediately release additional hormones. Ninety-nine percent of women hold their breath during sex and hope for an orgasm. In fact, it's not surprising that people do this, but it's even less likely that they'll have an orgasm.

Breathing is the key to orgasm, experts say. In fact, the best way to help women who can't orgasm is to get them to breathe deeper and longer during sex. This not only relaxes you, but also allows additional oxygen to enter your body, making you more sensitive to petting and reaching orgasm faster; ​what's other, even deep breathing encourages him to keep up with you, which increases the likelihood of orgasm.

4. A proper time out will make him more excited.​

During intercourse, if you can control the rhythm of intercourse nicely and understand how to pause intercourse to increase his excitement, then you can be called a master of intercourse. Experts say imagine that your excitement is like a rubber band, and your orgasm is what it feels like after you release the rubber band, so the more excited you are, the stronger the orgasm will be, which is why pausing sex or rubbing outside the body can make orgasms happier.

If you do everything but limit his access to your body, this can help you find other ways to achieve orgasm. In addition, once banned, it can also give you extra intense orgasms.

5. Exercise makes you orgasm

A lot of people don't seem to be interested in exercise, but the secret to a great orgasm actually is exercise. The great news is that it's not about shaping your body, it's about relaxing and working your muscles again. Experts say that keeping your body supple does make for great sex. If you can improve muscle elasticity, especially in areas you don't exercise regularly, it will be great for you. You can reach positions that you couldn't do before, and hold positions longer.

2. Side effects of condom use

Although condoms are effective in preventing pregnancy, overuse of condoms is detrimental to women's health and can have certain adverse effects on women's health. It can not only prevent male semen from entering the female reproductive tract, but also cover the woman's health. The health care function of semen cannot be ignored.

1, can be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Every week 1- women did two gynecological examinations, found that vaginitis, cervicitis and other gynecological diseases only 10%, the incidence is much lower than the normal sex life of women.

2. It can fight tumors. South Korean scientists have found that semen can fight ovarian cancer. The active ingredient extracted from sperm was injected into a culture medium containing epithelial ovarian cancer cells and common ovarian epithelial cells. After 48 hours, 81 percent of ovarian cancer cells had died and 37 percent of normal cells had died.

3. Semen can promote the secretion of female sex hormones, make breasts plump, skin tender, moisten the vagina, improve the quality of sex life, enhance sexual psychological satisfaction, conducive to sexual health.

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