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  1. One of the four major auto shows of the Chinese auto market, the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area International Automobile Expo, was formerly known as the "Shenzhen -Hong Kong -Macao International Automobile Expo". It has been successfully held for 24 sessions. It was postponed to the opening on July 17 due to the impact of the epidemic.
    It as we all know, the car exhibition of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area is mostly luxurious cars and new energy vehicles, but there are still many models with beautiful appearance, powerful power, and main performance. Let's take a look at what you can afford together?

    Luttes Emira

    has launched a fuel vehicle from the previous Lotus brand. During the Greater Bay Area Auto Show, Luther Emira will usher in a formal appearance. The car is based on the EVORA platform. It is the last pure internal combustion engine product of the original Lotus brand. Lands will turn to electricity.
    The appearance, Luther Emira inherited Evija's avant -garde design style and paid tribute to the past Lotus's classic sports car. The front face added a huge stable airflow design.

    The interior of the Luters Emira is equipped with a digital instrument, and it has a large -sized touch screen. The stall rod is also in the form of electronic stalls, which are mainly simple and practical.
    The body size, Luther Emira's body length, width, height is 4412, 1985, and 1225 mm, and the wheelbase is 2575mm. Compared with the Lotus Evora and the main competitor Porsche 718, the overall size is slight Big.

    It's power, the first batch of EMIRA models will use classic engines cooperated with Luther and Toyota, that is, the 3.5L V6 mechanical supercharged engine. In the later period, the M139 engine from AMG will be added, which is the 2.0T engine equipped on the AMG A45. Among them, the option of the AMG engine will match the 8 -speed dual -clutch transmission.

    The Taycan Cross Turismo

    . At the current Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show, Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo will complete its first show in China.

    The appearance, Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is based on Mission E Cross Turismo concept car, which is based on the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The difference from the ordinary version of Taycan is the design and more. For more off-road elements, the chassis departure ground clearance is also increased by 30mm after selecting the OFF-Road Design component.
    This Taycan Cross Turism, the edge lines of the central console in the car are quite smooth, and the separation of each functional area is in line with ergonomic design. The central 10.9 -inch display is combined with the optional front passenger display screen to form a ultra -wide screen, and the visual effect is quite good.
    The aspect, Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is equipped with a single motor or dual motor four -wheel drive system. The most powerful Turbos version (ejection mode) can reach 560kW, peak torque is 1050Nm, and it takes only 2.9 seconds to accelerate per 100 kilometers. At the same time, Compared with ordinary Taycan, the power parameters of the entry models are stronger. The capacity of the power battery pack has reached 93.4kWh. Essence

    The new Audi SQ5

    Audi S and RS have always been the representative of Audi high performance. The Audi SQ5 is one of the most popular models in its high -performance SUV.

    The previous generation Audi SQ5 was sold in the domestic market in China from 2013-2016. The medium -term modified model will be officially launched.
    The new Audi SQ5 has not changed much in terms of appearance and interior. The appearance is only blackened for details such as China Net, Mist Lights, and side skirts. Still low -key.

    At the same time, the interior of the new Audi SQ5 is only adjusted for some details, such as replacing part of the decorative board with carbon fiber, thereby enhancing the motion atmosphere in the car.
    The dynamic power, the new Audi SQ5 is equipped with a 3.0T V6 turbocharged engine with a single turbine tweeter technology, with a maximum power of 260kW and a peak torque of 500Nm. The box is equipped with a mechanical Quattro full -time four -wheel drive system and 48V light hybrid system.

    mg6 xpower

    Compared with the above 3 models, MG6 Xpower should be the closest performance car away from us. The district auto show will usher in the official listing.

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