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  1. 1. Sniffing this role itself is the most eye -catching and fans of the whole drama. Each clip it appears is very interesting. There are two particularly impressive details. One is to sniff on the street on the street Relucting up and escape from Newt's hunting, but I did not forget to collect bright crystals on the way to escape, and even covered the window of the jewelry shop to pretend the model. I can't find it, like a stupid little machine.
    It is to sniff into the bank's warehouse. When Newt opened the warehouse door, he found that sniffing was lying in a drawer with jewelry like an uncle. There was something in the pocket. When Newt scratched the small pockets on the belly with the sniffed foot, and the gold coin jewelry in the pocket fell out, the small expression of the grievance was really interesting.
    2. When Jacob invited Jacob into the box of the box, Jacobca was on the box. It's really interesting.
    3 When Newt took Jacob to capture the escape poisonous beast together, the whole section of the chase plot on the ice was very exciting, especially Jacob is obviously a hemp chicken, but he was also brave to accompany him.着纽特一起进行这么危险的事情,从这里也可以看出雅各布这时是真的将纽特当成了朋友,但这段最有意思的一个细节就是毒角兽被捉回箱子前对雅The licking of each cloth, at that time, Jacob's rigid expression obviously showed that he was scared, and he was really scared.
    4, Quenie and the amnesia Jacob met again. This plot is a very impressive highlight in the whole drama, especially after Jacques smiled at Jacob, Jacobu dumbfounded Another confused expression, the audience can see that Jacob has a sense of familiarity with Quini, and Jacob once again fell in love with Quini at first sight. This is probably the so -called person who really loves each other. Let's do this detail is really great.
    5, Jacob opened the bakery with the silver eggshell he secretly gave to him after amnesia, but the bread made is some strange animals. When the customer asked where the inspiration of Jacob's inspiration came from Jacob himself did not know, but the audience knew that these strange animals were the magical animals in the Newer box. It stands to reason that Jacob should forget these things after the rain with magical rain, but Jacob still has some vague memories, because there is an interesting one in the previous plot detail. When making this amnesia potion, Newt said that this potion is forgotten those unpleasant memories, and the reason why Jacobu has these vague memories is because for him, these memories are not unpleasant The memory, this small detail is really deep, and you will miss it if you accidentally.

  2. The most interesting detail of the movie "Where is the Fantastic Animals" is to include a lot of magical animals.
    . Sniff
    Hergeon introduced sniffer in class before. This guy specializes in gold coins, and the sniffing is very naughty. Essence
    . The tree guarding pot
    Thispo pots not only unlock in the movie, but also very stupid. They often sell cutely to the owner, and sometimes proud.
    . Modra mouse
    has appeared in the "Harry Potter" series of animals. After Harry Potter was injured, Hermione had used the juice of this animal for him Anti -pain. The Modra rats in the movie will be very manifested.
    . Poisonous beasts
    The appearance of his appearance, especially the corners of the head look like an explosion, and some magma things flow out. Things are explosions.
    In addition to these cute animals, the soundtrack of the movie "Where is the Fantastic Animals" is also very favorite. Every time I hear it, I feel enthusiastic, as if I am in the magic world.

  3. 1. Corporal beast

    The horn camel beasts are distributed in mountainous areas of most European areas. It has a very large body and high bulging back, and the whole body purple is ashes. And the horn camel is good, very fierce, the long horns on the head are also very sharp, and can also be used as medicine, but the price is very expensive.

    2, bird snake

    bird snakes are species integrating birds and snakes, which are mostly distributed in the Far East and India. It has a snake body, but its body is full of feathers and has a pair of wings. It has a mild personality but does not like humans approaching, especially when protecting its own eggs.
    3, Billy Wergs
    This is a native insect in Australia. It is blue and half an inches long, with green jade -like colors. The wings of Billy Wiggers are very special, growing on both sides of the head, and the fan movement speed is fast. When flying, it will turn, like a small gyroscope floating in the air. However, humans usually can't see them, because they fly too fast, and the wizard can only notice it when they are stung.
    In addition to these animals, there are also cute animals such as sniffing, invisible beasts, and tree guard pots!

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