5 thoughts on “What kind of items do I need to bring in the lonely old man?”

  1. 1. I am older, but I still have to prepare a gift for the elderly. In fact, there are many gifts from the elderly, and more of them, as long as he likes it.

    2, some filial piety, such as: milk, milk, bread, milk, milk, etc. These are more grade. Furthermore, you can also choose according to the preferences of the elderly.

    3. Send more when you see the old man like, but what the old man likes to send nutrition and clothes. The elderly can choose the elderly practical.

    4. If you are young people, you can bring some fruits, or health products. The elderly can give birth tea or healthy gifts.

    5, the elderly like, like to drink tea, you can send a set of tea sets or tea sets or tea sets. Optional tea cans, you can give gifts according to the age and age of the elderly.

  2. It depends on where you go to visit the old man. If you go to the nursing home, you will bring a little nutritional product, such as milk and fruits, if you go home to visit the must -have daily life with rice noodles.

  3. There are some lonely old people who live alone, and three meals together are not normal to eat. They are usually hungry and full, and they are unwilling to cook, so they bring them a little bit of snacks. I can eat a little time

  4. I know you are not fake.
    Bai, spirit is the most important.
    The material things are only secondary, you can bring some fruits.
    The elderly people make hygiene, lunch at noon, and so on.
    The chat with her.

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