2 thoughts on “Did you know the global professional audio brand rankings?”

  1. The World Top Ten Sound-Speaker List 1. Innovate Creative (World Multimedia and Digital Entertainment Leadership Brand, Singapore Brand) 2. Hivi HIVI (the world's top speakers and speaker manufacturing, Chinese brand) American brand, founded in 1964, one of the earliest speaker companies in the world) 4.JBL (American brand, world -renowned veteran speaker brand) 5. landscape Sansui (Japanese brand, large enterprise, world -renowned speaker brand) 6. Crown Avance Avance (Danish brand, world -renowned speaker) 7. Zunbao Jamo (Danish brand, world -renowned speaker) 8. Tianlang Tannoy (famous British speaker brand) 9. Philips Philips (Dutch brand, the world's largest AV equipment manufacturer in the world One) 10.B

  2. The audio and musical instrument industry 225 list released by the American magazine "Music Trade". This magazine will make a comprehensive ranking of many audio and musical instrument brands every year, and those who can enter this list are the strength factions. By the way, the sound king from China ranks 30th (first in China) in this list, and the names in recent years have been rising.

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