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  1. [Group Regulations Regulations] 1. For long -term divers, please retreat automatically. The group severely cracks down on divers, and this group will regularly T some people according to the chat history. (Too many expressions are directly defined as directly T screening.) 2. The universal fonts of this group should be No. 12 font and below. 3. The general language of this group is Mandarin. 4. The topic of this group is casual and healthy. 5. It is forbidden to use gender discrimination, racial discrimination, belief discrimination, personal insults, self -insults, promoting violence, pornography, obscenity, etc. or other indecent nicknames that violate national laws and social morality. 6. This group prohibits scolding people, quarreling, and doing personal attacks; it is forbidden to send bad information in the group (feudal superstition, obscene, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, horror, instigating crime, etc.). 7. The group is prohibited from using action expressions to use action expressions to swipe screens. For example: to promote a certain site, group or space; send a few groups to get QB advertisements; or if you send a few groups, you will increase the boring content of the avatar. Put a Trojan. 10. Those who do not speak can not suspect that others are noisy. If there are other important things, you can temporarily block the group. 11. If there are any good suggestions in the group, you can notify the administrator at any time or the [member. Message thin.〗 We can make a certain modification according to your suggestions, strive to improve the regulations of this group, and do not comply with the group's group, do not comply with the group's group The rules are directly t -out (under the warning of frequent chat) 12. The administrator's responsibility, the administrator must fulfill his obligations, and ... the administrator must not quarrel in the group! If everyone feels that the administrator does not do his responsibility, he will directly say that the behavior of the darkest management of the group owners shall be punished. 13. It is forbidden to swipe the screen! If you are angry or feel uncomfortable, you can find me to vent, don't make a biao in the group! If you still don't stop after the warning, you must invite you to go out! The beginning of "Male ××. Female ××", and must not start diving just after entering the group, in that case ... 15. What good things you have, space code, you can send it to the group and the group Friends sharing for the time being, so many people have any opinions or suggestions, let's make it! Slowly improve 15. Group space can upload some useful code or space materials. Everyone uploads more to learn from each other. 16. After going online every day, you must say hello to friends in the group 17. Forbidden to send advertisements in the group. In the group, sending invitations and others to step on each other, how much to step on themselves 20. Since the group is just construction, the management is not perfect. What do you have?

  2. 1. One person ligates, the whole group is glorious; one person is dating, the whole group ligates.
    2, actively speak and post in the group and family, and will be deemed to be drowning for long -term divers administrators.
    3, the group members have the right to join voluntarily, and the administrator has the obligation to kick people at will. , Can be solved privately. If you are beaten, please call 110 or ask the administrator for help, but the administrator is not responsible for the first time for you.
    5, ashamed of being proud of love groups and withdrawal from the group; shame with obedience to the group owner, ashamed of departure group owners; Rong, ashamed of secret diving; shame with each other's help, and degrading each other; shame with frequent online, ashamed of stealth; Ashamed with private chat.

  3. The introduction of group introduction is what kind of person you want to attract, you need to introduce this article in the group, expressing what your group is used for, writing clearly, what can be obtained by your group (for example, for example, (e.g. : Game skills, strategies, tutorials, etc. will be more popular), etc., the announcement is to write some group members what can I do, and express it clearly.

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