1 thought on “The difference between the key species of the superior species”

  1. 1. Different concepts
    The key species are species that disappear or weaken can cause fundamental changes that can cause the entire community and ecosystems.
    The advantages are plant species that have a significant control effect on the formation of the community structure and the formation of the community environment.
    The advantages in the advantages layer are called building group species.
    2, different characteristics
    The advantages of each layer can be more than one species. It includes the largest number, the largest volume, and the greatest impact on the habitat in each layer.
    The construction can determine the community structure and internal environmental conditions, which is the builder of community.
    The number of individuals of key species is uncertain or more or less, and its functions are also uncertain, or dedicated or diverse.
    3, different relationships
    The key species contain advantageous species and building group species.

    The advantage species contains group species.

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