1 thought on “What are the recommendations of WeChat group software? Will not be blocked”

  1. I just saw this problem, the industry problem, I have done WeChat for a while before, the company's WeChat group still has to take the auxiliary software, "group hairless worry", "palm on the hand" and other APPs have been used. , Intimate group hair (this is really useful, much higher than ordinary group hair delivery rates), pull groups, automatically add friends, etc.
    The experience, these are inadequate, compared to "the group has no nobles none "Well, good, the company is also in use now.
    In the last unified reminding everyone, I was sealed several numbers during the time of doing micro -business, and I used some plug -in. (I didn’t understand it) ... Later, I found these tools. As long as you set some time interval, and then do not be too exaggerated, the number of groups of groups is no problem without WeChat.
    If friends who do this line you want to know some rules, you can leave a message, I will share some for everyone

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