5 thoughts on “What should a layman want to switch to the fashion circle?”

  1. Many people want to enter the fashion industry for several reasons. For example, some girls like to dress themselves very much. They believe that the fashion circle is very attractive with beautiful clothes and beautiful people. And if you come in with this mentality, I especially want to tell you that most of the posts in this industry are actually helpless and painful.
    It 70 % of the positions are selling Liangpi for 70 % and 80 %. This is very hard. Even the bright designers and editors you see on the media are often a look of interaction with the stars, but the hard work behind it is unbearable. Moreover, there are many job content in the fashion circle that are boring. Taking the job of buyers as an example, many people want to be a buyer. They believe that buyers are "buying, buying, buying", but in fact, most of the buyers' work is "calculation". Most of your time is dealing with numbers, so it is not what many people think.
    So before you want to enter the fashion industry, it is best to talk to some people who have been in this industry for a long time to see if the occupation you want to enter is really what you want to enter. Many times we have a dream, and this dream is based on a wrong cognition, or a vague cognition, so it is very important to have a clear understanding of the occupation you want to enter, so that you do I will find that it is not what you think after entering. Many of our young friends have this problem.

    . They were full of enthusiasm and passion, and their dreams entered an industry. Then they found that they were boring when they came in. They were different from their imagination, so they resigned. You know that the world is not based on your imagination. If you judge a profession with your imagination, most of the time you will find that life itself is not what you think. Therefore, it is very important to understand the facts. To ensure what you want to do is really what you want to do.

  2. At this time, you should improve your aesthetic ability. You should usually watch more fashion magazines. You can watch the direction of fashion weeks. You must change your creative style. You must understand the current fashion elements and get traffic.

  3. You should expand your social circle of friends, improve your aesthetics, and then have a certain understanding and awareness of this circle, know your goals, prepare for being able to withstand and pay the price, and suffer enough hardships.

  4. In life, you should buy more fashion rooms. This should also follow some particularly capable people to learn. In this way, you can enter the fashion circle. First of all, you should dress yourself up.

  5. You should understand the basic fashion concepts, you should learn to analyze the role, and you should also view the current fashion style. It should also have its own aesthetic concept. Learn about related fashion content before.

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