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  1. Zhang Dong
    2012 was not good, and it also dragged down China's economic growth. When the Chinese economy enters the slowdown stage, Chinese jewelry companies will face serious development and weakness. As a local regional jewelry company, we must pay more attention to this issue. Otherwise These jewelry companies will face a more serious crisis than they are currently. The jewelry industry, as a special industry that "after the hundred industries, declined in the hundred industry", the development of the entire industry has been greatly affected by the development of the national economy. In the case of the continuous deterioration of the development environment of our Chinese jewelry industry, we cannot change the development environment of the entire industry. How to survive and develop jewelry companies has become the life and death test of Chinese jewelry entrepreneurs.
    2012 China Jewelry and Jewelry Nian Jie Jewelry
    1. The current status of the company's current corporate development
    thanks to the rapid development of previous years, Liu Guifu Jewelry has accumulated a certain amount of capital Power and brand influence have certain comparative advantages in the regional market. At present, the development situation of the entire Liugui Jewelry Group is better. Specifically: Liu Guifu Jewelery has developed rapidly through 6 years from 2006 to 2012. It has now developed from the original 11 small shops to more than 130 corporate groups with chain stores. From more than 100 people to more than 3,000 employees, the group's direct operating capital has reached about 600 million yuan, and the total annual sales of the year are expected to be more than 3 billion yuan. In terms of brand building, Liu Guifu Jewelery has won the title of "China Well -known Trademark" company, and it is also the "Chinese jewelry industry well -known brand". Municipal TV stations have invested huge advertisements, and the advertising costs of the group and chain stores each year have reached 80 million yuan. Therefore, Liu Guifu Jewelry has a great influence in the brand of Heilongjiang and Jilin Province. Not only that, the group has now completed the upgrade of the second -generation chain operation system. The "Hong Kong -style services" and "military management" characteristic of Liu Guifu jewelry are increasingly competitive. At the same time, Liu Guifu Jewelery has completed the construction of talent echelon and product system upgrade, and has basically accumulated the next high -speed resource reserve. However, the sudden deterioration of the Chinese economy has also undergone a certain pressure on the Liu Guifu jewelry that is growing at a high speed, especially in 2012 Liu Guifu Jewelery opened about 40 jewelry shops. The burden of the group headquarters, and the return of the new store was very likely to be lower than the original 20%profit expectations, which became the main reason for the development strategy adjustment of Liu Guifu Jewelery.
    2. The future corporate development plan of Liu Guifu Jewelery
    In order to cope with the current complex economic situation and to ensure the healthy development of Liu Guifu Jewelry Group in the future, Liu Guifu Jewelry has formulated a new three years The development plan has comprehensively adjusted the original high -speed development strategy. This more pragmatic enterprise development plan is of great significance to the long -term development of Liu Guifu Jewelry. The number of development plans for reducing chain stores
    In the next three years, Liu Guifu Jewelry will reduce the number of chain store development plans and control the total number of chain stores within 300.
    The comprehensive advantage of the "Large Comprehensive Store" of Liu Guifu Jewelery, currently the expansion of Liu Guifu Jewelery's chain stores is fast. Many provinces come to discuss provincial cooperation, which makes Liu Guifu. The speed of jewelry chain will increase faster. However, due to the initial investment of 10 million to 15 million yuan in the chain store model of Liu Guifu Jewelery, if there is a high -speed development strategy development chain network, there will be hidden dangers of management levels. Therefore, in the next three years, Liu Guifu Jewelery will focus on the development of the group itself, and will no longer conduct any provincial cooperation, thereby ensuring the smooth and orderly expansion of the entire chain operation network. The old saying "is not fast" reminds us to steadily advance in the way of "step by step". The chain network of Liu Guifu Jewelery will not win in the number.
    2.2 Optimize chain store operation mode
    In future, Liu Guifu Jewelry will optimize the chain store business model, and the initial investment of the single store will be controlled within 20 million yuan.
    2012 China Jewelry and Jewelry Nian Jie Jewelry
    As the price of product continues to rise, while rents and other various expenses continue to rise, now the single -store investment of Liu Guifu Jewelery has exceeded 10 million yuan. It is approaching the critical point of 15 million yuan, and it is likely to reach more than 20 million yuan in the future. The risk of high investment will become increasing. Therefore, we must adjust the single -store investment model of Liu Guifu Jewelry and use it as much as possible to use " The "light assets" strategy will comprehensively reduce initial investment on the premise that it does not affect the core competitiveness of the single store.
    2.3 Increase marketing investment to ensure leading advantages
    Liu Guifu Jewelry will increase the marketing investment of the entire system and ensure the absolute leading advantage of Liu Guifu Jewelry in the regional market.
    Ifangs in Liu Guifu Jewelry, because the implementation of the "strong marketing" development strategy, so the marketing in the regional market is huge. Although it will face a worse development environment in the future, Liu Guifu Jewelry will still comprehensively improve the overall overall overall improvement in the future. Marketing investment, strive to make marketing investment at the growth rate of chain stores each year, so that in the end, the regional market with a unit of regional markets with 100 million yuan.
    2.4 Enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the product and strengthen service management
    As the consumer awareness of rights protection is strengthened, the entire jewelry industry will face the torture of product quality in the future. Therefore, Liu Guifu Jewelry will comprehensively improve product quality, carry out product quality requirements in the market, and improve comprehensive product competitiveness, thereby ensuring that it is not abandoned by consumers in market competition. Not only that, Liu Guifu Jewelery must comprehensively improve service standards, and increase the competitiveness of Liu Guifu Jewelery's service with the new generation of "Hong Kong -style service" standards.
    2.5 Vigorously strengthen brand construction
    The brand influence of Liu Guifu Jewelery is now in an advantageous position in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces, but the brand premium capacity of Liu Guifu Jewelery is still low. Fu Jewelry will vigorously strengthen brand building, strive to increase the premium capacity of Liu Guifu Jewelry by 50%to 100%, drive Liu Guifu Jewelry into the brand -oriented operation stage, and the core competitiveness has improved significantly. In the future, the price war and publicity war in the Chinese jewelry terminal market will be more intense. Only brand -oriented operations can ensure that Liu Guifu Jewelery will be separated from this low -end competitive method as soon as possible, so as to obtain a higher level of development.
    2.6 Strengthen capital management and ensure the security of the capital chain
    As the competition of the Chinese jewelry industry intensify, a number of jewelry companies may die in the capital chain in the future. Management, ensure the security of the capital chain with a variety of means. Specifically: to establish a strict credit rating system for franchisees to prevent chain reactions due to the funding problems of individual franchisees; comprehensively reduce the debt ratio of the enterprise, of which the liability ratio of Liu Guifu Jewelry Group headquarters is less than 10%, so that the headquarters makes the headquarters headquarters In a basic stateless state.
    2012 Mid -National Jewelery and Jade Shou Jiejian
    2012 Mid -National Jewelry Jade Shou Jiejian Journal
    2.7 Strengthening talent construction
    Talent is the root of enterprise development, and the current progress of the talent echelon of Liu Guifu Jewelery is currently progressing. Successfully and achieved good economic returns. Liu Guifu Jewelry will pay more attention to talent training in the future, and use the talent echelon construction to ensure unlimited development potential for enterprises. It has been formulated and will be planned to cultivate 50 senior management, 200 middle -level cadres, 500 store managers and 2,000 elite shopping guides. In the process of talent training, the "Liu Guifu Jewelry Chain Business School" that Liu Guifu Jewelery is about to be established will play a huge power.
    2.8 Double -line attack
    The company needs to have its own base for any company to develop at high speed. In the next three years, Liu Guifu Jewelry will build the three northeast provinces into the core corporate base of Liu Guifu Jewelery. At that time, Heilongjiang Province will reach 100 % coverage at or above the county level, and cities at or above the prefecture level will be encrypted in a comprehensive channel. While consolidating the old market, Liu Guifu Jewelery will also open up a new theater in the operation of one province and one province, and use the strategy of "iron walls to encircles" to capture the target market in one city and one county. The dual -line attack further consolidated the foundation of enterprise development, and finally formed a stable corporate survival and development base.
    In summary, Liu Guifu Jewelery will take "Heilongjiang Liuguifu Jewelry Co., Ltd." as the mother, based on several subsidiaries and holding subsidiaries, to fully start a new journey of corporate development. There is no off -season market, only the thought of off -season. There are no sunset industries, only companies with sunset. Liu Guifu Jewelery will steadily advance with double efforts, high pragmatism, and the momentum of never being unconvinced, and strive to make due contributions to Chinese jewelry consumers and Chinese jewelry industry.

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